At TPI Ltd we aim to build long term relationships with our clients, and because of this we feel it is important to begin with an informal meeting to establish whether we have any common ground. In other words, do we get along with each other.

During this initial meeting our adviser will begin to gather information through general discussion.

At the end of the initial meeting both client and adviser will decide on the next course of action. If we agree that nothing needs to be done or that we can’t work together then the process will end and the client will not be charged.

If, however, it is established that further work needs to be undertaken, eg, information gathering to prepare a report, then we will inform you at that point of any charges.  At this stage the charges usually take the form of a fixed fee based on the time required.

If the report identifies the need for further work and the client is happy for TPI Ltd to undertake that work,
then this leads into our Financial Planning Service.

We can charge fees or commission, or a mixture of both, dependent on what suits the client. 

Details of our charges can be found in our Client Agreement .

If you have a specific task which you feel does not match our charging structure please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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