Mist rolled in across the moors. The rain began to fall, light and steady at first, but within an hour it had turned into torrents. Jack and Diane were lost. They felt confused and scared not knowing which way to turn.

Through the heavy blanket of fog they saw a figure. This figure moved with purpose, and he was moving towards them. Relief replaced fear. Direction replaced inactivity. Trust replaced suspicion.

“Can I help you?” said the Guide
“We’re lost, and don’t know which way to turn.”
“Where do you want to go?”
“The village in the valley”
said Diane
“Well there are two paths you can take: The quickest is ‘Risky Pass’; a steeper and more rocky route, but you’ll be warm and dry in an hour. Or, the longer but safer route, ‘Minimum Edge’ which will take you double the time.”

As the Guide explained their options, Jack and Diane trusted his experience and guidance. However, the decision lay with them.

“We’d prefer to take ‘Minimum Edge’” said Jack.

The guide escorted both Jack and Diane through the unfamiliar terrain, regularly checking their condition. He listened to their concerns and remained calm all the while managing the ever changing environment. As their journey neared completion the dark, dense clouds began to lift. A glint of sunshine shone through the mist…..